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Importance of Filling a DBA

DBA is an abbreviated acronym of “Doing Business As”. DBA is an authorized term which is used for trade, fictitious or assumed name of your business. We can say it is a kind of declaration to let other firms and also other people know that you have another trade name for your business in a legalized way. Various businesses can do different business related things using the assumed of fictitious name. When you have that name you are allowed to have and also to make payments using the assumed trade name. When you file for DBA you are able to avoid frauds and scams, because by using that name you are able to properly document the things so that you can avoid any illegal activities.

For many people out there they are not yet fully aware of the advantages of filing for a DBA for their company. This is why most people keep questioning what the importance of filling for the DBA is. There are many reasons why filling for the DBA is crucial and there are also other times when filling for the DBA is quite effective for some businesses. Take for example those people who are operating a sole proprietorship, they can be able to use and also display the name of their business instead of using their own name. In a way you won’t be required to have some kind of formal entity like a partnership, LLC or as a corporation. You have the business name other than your name.

Some of the advantages of filing for DBA. When you file for DBA it makes it easier for you to be able to open a bank account, you can collect checks and also get payment using your business name. Your business will look more professional when you establish a separate business identity. You will be able to start marketing and also advertising your business using a different name instead of using your corporate or personal name.

The information that will be needed when you are filling DBA include, the name of the applicant, name of the fictitious business, date of filling and also the location or the address for your business. DBA filling can be done either businesses or individuals. In other states, you are required to file for DBA documents with the authorized government entity and then you are required to pay the county fee. This will depend on the state where you have set up your business and therefore you need to find out more about the DBA requirements before filling, so that you can get the right information and what is needed in your state.

There are some states where you are required to publish the DBA in a newspaper so that you can give notice to new businesses name. This is crucial so that no other business will consider using the same DBA name as that of your business. There are some states where you are able to file for DBA online and therefore the process is not as complicated as some people assume.

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