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Natural Pest Repellants for your Home

Having bugs, insects or bugs in your home can be really frustrating, to say the least. There are many varieties of pests and insects that can make your home their dwelling place, and it is upon you to find a lasting solution to the menace. There are many well-known techniques of getting rid of pests in your abode. Using pesticides and chemicals to do away with pests is a popular method. But sometimes the disadvantages of pesticides sometimes overshadow the advantages. This is why natural techniques of repelling pests are a cut above the rest when it comes to safety, availability, and convenience. Read more here about game-changing natural pest control methods.

Diatomaceous Earth is a prolific yet often ignored successful method of dealing with nagging pests with a resounding finality. It is a soft sedimentary rock that occurs naturally also as powder whose color ranges in different shades of white. Applying diatomaceous earth as your pest control method will do wonders for you. It is a proven and effective way of killing a wide variety of pests.

Cucumbers are rarely absent in many people’s salads. It is also a proven and correct way of losing weight in a natural and safe manner. But do you know that cucumbers are a natural pest repelling substance? Many pests have a natural dislike of cucumbers, but when dealing with ants, it has the greatest effect. By placing cucumber slices on the entry points you will effectively repel them.

Not many people prefer having garlic in their food. But in spite of that, the best thing about garlic is that it is a reputable insect and pest repellant. By grinding it with water and applying it on areas that pests may come through, you will have established a natural and effective barrier against them. Additionally, this method poses no danger to your health or that of your family and pets. This technique is very potent on many types of pests including mosquitoes and beetles.

Plants are a natural addition to your environment to add to the beauty, and appeal of both your indoor and outdoor space. The good news is that apart from being an alluring and enhancing part of your surroundings, some plants act as natural and efficient pests and insects deterrents. Peppermint, marigold, spearmint, and pennyroyal are some of these plants. You will make your home appealing to the eyes while ensuring that you deal with pests if you use this method.

A glass of wine is ideal for making you feel relaxed after a taxing day. But do you know that the same wine can be successfully used as a pest and insect repellant? Get more information by reading more. More and more information about pest repelling techniques has been made available and it is interesting that some flies can be killed by using wine. Put a little wine mixed with detergent into a saucer to instantly kill any insect that sips on it. This is especially effective against fruit flies.

Because there are many ways to deal with pests, any credible website page concerning natural pest control ways can be helpful. Other additional methods include using equal parts of powdered sugar and baking powder to deal with cockroaches. Extra proven substances in fighting pests are rosemary leaves, cloves, Neem oil, powdered charcoal, cinnamon, cayenne pepper, and bone meal. It should be noted that not all methods work for every pest problem; rather each method works best on certain pests. Any website dealing with natural pest repellant technique would be a great help if you wish to learn more.