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The Essential Prepping Gear.

Maybe you included prepper gear in your new year resolution but haven’t gotten around to completing that and it might be the best time to do so. Prepping will not just give you peace of mind but ensure you have the highest chance of surviving if a major disaster happens. If you listen to the opinions of different people, you might be told to get hundreds of items. The main point is ensuring that you can carry your prepper gear around easily which means you should not have a whole car full of items. In addition, knowing what you buy will ensure you do not buy different things out of panic. You do not have to buy everything at once unless you have heard there will be an apocalypse the next day and you can be buying one item at a time until you have enough. You can even set these as long-term goals and do a review on a regular basis about what you have managed to achieve at various points.

The human body is made up of a low of water and that means you have to keep it that way and having clean water for drinking during a disaster is crucial. you need to have enough water for everyone to have two gallons a day. People will be using the water for other purposes too which is why you need to have extra. You should be storing the water in gallons which can be reused. Once the bottled water is over, you should have a water purification method. There are several ways of doing that and one of the most convenient one is buying a straw for that use. A fire is crucial for survival and you might use it to cook, communicate with people who are far away or chase the cold. You need not one but two or more ways you can start a fire. You may buy Bic lighters, Ferro rods or matches.

Ensure you have enough food for everyone. You should not buy supplies which have to be kept in the refrigerator. You need energy bars, whole grains, boxed meals, and canned foods. If you have canned foods, you should also have an opener for the cans. You should include cookware which can be used on open fires.

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