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Top Advances in Both Biotech and Medicine to Expect Rolled Out in 2020 and What Solutions It Means for You

Over the past few years, we have witnessed a massive innovation that relates to the field of biotech. This has gone a long way in providing numerous benefits in different industries. We have also in the wake of increased harvest by farmers through making crops highly resistant against diseases and pests.

The innovation has extended its boundaries to cover the health industry through combination of technology with biology for extension and improvement or restoration of life. With so much potential for the future, we have arrange some of the recent advances in the world of biotech which are surely going to revolutionize the field of medicine.

1. Spit-Tests for Cancer

It is through a research group that developed a device which can detect an oral cancer through testing a patient’s saliva. This will eliminate the need for taking an extensive biopsy test which costs an arm and leg.

The new device has the capacity for identifying the protein which is related with the cancer cell through reaction with the dye located at the sensor. Through making use of a microscope, luminescent light that is emitted through the specimen which is later detected. Experts have also taken into consideration a similar concept to be used in identification of other diseases.

2. Prosthetic’s Feedback

The monitoring aspect of prosthetic makes it one of the problems in the medicine world. Individuals with complete limbs know the location of their limbs without the need for monitoring. The smallest however does not apply when it comes to amputees.

This is due to the skin which is a sensitive gland. It packs the capacity for detecting the smallest changes in direction and intensity. A new device is being designed which will stretch the skin for creating feedback in regards to the movement and positioning of the limb of the amputee.

3. Contact Lens

Glaucoma has a high risk on patients developing pressure inside their eye which builds up to damage the retina. This paved way for the designing of contact lens which consist of conductive wire which monitors the flow if fluids and pressure on eyes.

It then transmits the findings through a wireless connection to a small device. The data is important in helping doctors understand the disease further. This device is yet to undergo scientific scrutiny over it applicability.

4. Speech Engine

There is a new speech engine that caters for individuals with lost speech ability. The engine allows people for produce their voice audibly. It also makes use of electrodes which have the capacity for detection of signals. The signal travel through a vessel in the brain which is later transmitted to the vocal cords. The patient simply imagines a word and the signals will be transmitted into the computer thus generating speech.

There are more fascinating and mind-blowing inventions which the biotechnology industry is coming up with for medicine and healthcare. These are some of the cases which are currently in the design phases.

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